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Music Videos






Buenos Amigos ~ 1992 Selena's duet with Alvero Torres


La Carcacha ~ 1992 Selena's first video, shot in Monterrey, MX. There is another version where there are clips of Speedy Gonzales and other cartoon charecters 


Como la Flor ~ 1992 This wasn't released when her original album came out. It was released in 2015 as a promo for the Lo Mejor De....album. It's clips of in black and white to make a video.


No Debes Jugar ~ 1993 (This was done for a program called Padrisimo, not an official video)


La Llamada ~ 1993 Made in LA


Donde Quiere Que Estes ~ 1993 (with the Barrio Boyzz) made in New York


Amor Prohibido ~ 1994 Made in Joshua Park, Ca


Bidi Bidi Bom Bom ~ 1994 Made in LA


No Me Queda Mas ~ 1994 One of her best videos, winner of TMA and Billboard for best video. Made in Texas


Fotos Y Recuerdos ~ 1995 (clip video not official, it was made by Padrisimo)


Techno Cumbia ~ 1995 (Remix Version)


Dreaming of You ~ 1995 Not much Selena in this video


I Could Fall In Love ~ 1995 Collage of Selena on stage and clips of her.


A Boy Like That ~ 1995, This has some dancers and scenes of New York, There is a giant curtain with an image of Selena and a guy with a tattoo of her and at the end a pic of her with candles around it. The director said he didn't want to exploit Selena in the video that is why they didn't use clips from concerts of previous videos to make the video. It's an OK video, if Selena were around to make it I think it would have been totally different.


Im Getting Used To You ~ Hardly seen video, It has a woman falling for a guy and a bunch of people dressed in Selena style


Tu Solo Tu ~ 1996 Clips of Selena very nice


Siempre Hace Frio ~ 1996 (Jlo plays Selena in this video)


Disco Medley ~ 1997 (Astrodome + Movie clips)


Missing My Baby ~ 1997 (almost the same as I could fall in love, Remix version, this was done for VH1)


No Quiero Saber ~ 1997 This incorporates videos of Selena from TV appearances of her singing the original version and clips of her dancing from concerts and the Agree Shampoo commercial (Remix Version)

Baila Esta Cumbia ~ 2005 A remixed duet with the Kumbia Kings. Selena is turned into a drawing. They use the 1995 astro performance for a guide. It is really cool!