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Here's are the contributors to Anything for Selenas! We've all been fans for years and want to share our knowlege and collections with all her past, present and future fans. We know how special Selena was and hope after spending time on this site you do too.





Webmisstress - Mariposa


mariposa Mariposa became a Selena fan after seeing her Amor Prohibido Video in late 1994. Although it wasn't until the day of her passing that Mariposa found out who the artist in the video was, she's been a fan ever since. After buying her first computer she started to scan her collection of Selena magazines and posters to share online. There weren't a lot of websites at the time and she wanted others to know how special Selena is and wanted to share as much about her from magazines and videos as she could. Mariposa's website started out as an MSN.com group that she started to just save photos she had found online, others wanted to join and eventually she started Tejano Reina. Mariposa's love of Selena and encouragment from other Selena fans on her official charboard, inspired her to become a graphic designer and Tejano Reina became even better. With major changes to the internet over the years Tejano Reina went from a hand coded cool website to an out of date site that wasn't mobile compatible, so Anything for Selenas was concived. This site is not only mobile friendly but also allows for other super fans to contribute their knowelege and collections with fans around the world.



Content Contributor - Javier


javierKnown as the original Selfanatico, Javier became a fan of Selena when he was a little boy. His sister was a huge fan and would constantly talk about her, play her music and videos and bug their mother to let her go see Selena in concert or at an apperience in Mexico. He picked up where she left off and has amassed an enormous collection of Albums, Posters and Magazines. He has done so much research on her older albums that a lot of sources online quote what he's shared in the past.



Blog Author - Mallory



malloryMallory's expertise is rare Selena LP's. She has been collecting records from the 80's and knows her stuff! She also closely monitors how much collectibles are worth. She knows when something is over priced! She's also one of the few fans online in Australia.