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gypsy2From a tiny town in Texas, Alex has been dancing and imagining of being Selena since he was a little kid, in the privacy of his bedroom. He recalls while growing up constantly watching the movie and her “Last concert,” dancing along, holding a hairbrush or remote as a microphone, and pretending to be Selena.. Now an adult, he’s learned the art form of drag and his drag queen persona named Gypsy Rose Fatale was born. Because of drag, he’s able to live his childhood fantasy of being like Selena and actually perform in front of crowds in clubs/bars throughout Texas and sometimes other states. He recreates his own costumes and spends time learning Selena’s dancing, all this to give you the best illusion he can possibly give the audience. He looks up to Selena so much and is out there trying to help keep her legacy and memory alive.














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