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monica2Monica is a 24 year old Selena Imitator from LA. She creates bustier tutorials, hair and makeup, dance tutorials and even a mini series called Selena Adventures on her youtube channel. I got to meet Monica at the Selena Fan Gathering in LA, most of her videos she's performing alone so it's hard to tell but she's so tiny! Unfortunately I was sick so I didn't get to spend too much time with the impersonators but it was great to meet them and she was nice. I got to take pics of her behind the scenes practicing. She puts a lot of detail into her outfits. One thing she mentioned to me was the pin she used to close the blue outfit jacket, it wasn't the same as Selenas. I said, it doesn't have to be perfect, her outfit was great, the material looked similar to the one Selena used, it was a great recreation. The pin looked great, it's hard to see it in most pics of Selena so I don't think anyone would notice it's not exactly the same, but that's how much detail she puts into her outfits, she wants them to be perfect.






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