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2005 Mexican Musical - Selena




This article is from 2005



Who will interpret it?
Finally, after an exhaustive search to find the perfect girl that will give life to the queen of Tex-Mex, Selena, the Musical, has a new face. There was a lot of talk about the participation of Alessandra Rosado and Mariana Seoane, but it seems that the roll was given to a perfect stranger. You want to know who she is?

The queen of Tex-Mex Lives!
To find someone that someone to enter the famous purple suit of Selena is not so easy. One requires a great talent and a good voice, more when one is in a live musical. For that reason Don Abraham Quintanilla, Selena's Father, did not rest until finding the perfect girl.

New face for in the roll of Selena

Only 17 years old, but with a great similarity and a wonderful voice, Claudia Pelayo will incarnate the famous Selena in the musical, which will commemorate 10 years of her death.


Although Claudia is not well-known in the world of stars, in spite of taking 10 years fighting to occupy a place and trying to send her first disc, this girl remained with the title roll that in the beginning had almost went to Alessandra, because the same Abraham Quintanilla had maintained talks with her. Even though the promises of the actress and singer,


To love oneself is your sin
"I think that this one is the opportunity of my life, & I thank for all the people", affirmed Claudia when asking for her reaction when she learned that she had been chosen for the musical.


Claudia was chosen of between 2,200 girls who attended casting, and in agreement with the declarations of the producer of Selena, the Musical, Claudia won her place because she was "the best one singing, the best one dancing, the best one acting and by her impressive freshness".

Even though Abraham Quintanilla does not know personally the girl who will give life to his daughter, Selena, her voice and the videos were sufficient to give the approval to Claudia Pelayo. And she herself assures how hard the competition was.


"I think that all those that came to do casting are wonderful, Alessandra has an incredible, untouchable trajectory, including me, I also am even a fan, I buy discs like everything; but good, the one that has been left I imply many things".


So neither with melon nor with watermelon, Claudia will be the new queen of Tex-Mex.