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Selena's Final Resting Place




selenasgrave On April 3, 1995, She was laid to rest on April 3, 1995 in her purple 1995 TMA outfit. 6,000 guests, mostly family members, attended Selena's burial at Seaside Memorial Park, which was broadcast live by a Corpus Christi and San Antonio radio station without the consent of her family. A Jehovah's Witness minister from Lake Jackson preached in English, quoting Paul the Apostle's words in 1 Corinthians 15. Hundreds of people began circling the a

 rea in their vehicles. Among the celebrities who attended the funeral were Roberto Pulido, Bobby Pulido, David Lee Garza, Navaira, Laura Canales, Elsa Garcia, La Mafia, Ram Herrera, Imagen Latina, and Pete Astudillo. A special mass held the same day at Los Angeles Sports Arena drew a crowd of 4,000. Selena had been booked to play there that night for her Amor Prohibido Tour.

In the months following Selena's death, an average of 12,000 people visited her grave site and the Days Inn motel where the shooting occurred. The motel's manager rearranged its room numbers so guests would not know in which room Selena had been shot.


The grave site has changed over the years. Originally it included a headstone that was bench like and a bronze cast of her face laid in front of the headstone. Then a walkway was added because of foot traffic. After someone disrespected her grave and scratched something on the headstone and bronze cast, a fence was added. Later because people were just climbing over it, the fence was made taller.


If you visit, please respect her site and do not throw things, try to write on it or climb the fence. Her father has asked in lieu of flowers please make a donation to a charity. The flower petals can damage the grave site (when they wilt they stick to the stone or bronze and are messy).