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Selena Vive! was held on April 7, 2005 at the Houston Reliant Astrodome. To commemorate 10 years of her passing Univision created a tribute concert to Selena. It was the highest rated Spanish language program ever. There was an hour show before covering the red carpet, they showed lots of Selena fans and the stars who would sing later that night...

jloFirst Jennifer Lopez did an intro talking about how 10 years earlier Selena did her last big concert at the Astrodome. Then they showed Selena walking out on the stage saying "How ya' doing Houston Texas!"










thaliaThalia opened the concert with a Pop version of Amor Prohibido, She sounded like she was trying too hard and was out of breath when she sang. When she sings her own songs she does an amazing job but with this song I think it wasn't the right one for her.










bandaNext up was Banda El Recodo with "Techno Cumbia". They took a techno cumbia and transformed it into a cool Banda version, I was pleasantly surprised with their version, it was relay cool!Back













india1The India came out and sang "No Debes Jugar". She did a Salsa version of the song, It was ok. She has a strong voice which helped it sound better. This version grows on you.











anaBThen Ana Barbara sang "La Carcacha". She did a kinda Norteno version of this song. I didn't care for her version of this song, the only time she sounded nice was at the end of each verse when she got to hold the note. She was too busy looking nice and dancing to sing good.

When she finished she asked for 20 seconds of silence for Selena and Pope JP II.










pabloPablo Montero came out and started singing "Buenos Amigos", then he was joined by Mariana Seoane. They did a good job, they made the song more pop sounding than ballad sounding. I liked Pablo's voice but I think that Mariana's voice was a little too deep to sing with him.











aliciaThen Alicia sang "Si Una Vez". She did a norteno style version, She doesn't have a similar voice to Selena but she took the song and made it her own. She sounded nice.











anaGThen Ana Gabriel came out and sang "Tu Solo Tu" with Mariachi Del Sol. They changed the music a little, She has an amazing voice and It would have been nice to hear the original music like Selena did with her voice, but I wasn't disappointed with her performance!












pepeThen Pepe Aguilar sang "No Me Queda Mas". He made it more of a ranchera, it was slower sounding and beautiful, He did a good job interpreting this song.










 Then Don Francisco talked about Selena some more.


paulinaThen Paulina Rubio sang a pop version of "Fotos Y Recuerdos". This was my favorite song of the night, She took this song and really made it her own. She didn't try to sing like Selena, she just sang it as if she was the original singer and it came out great! I'm sure she's lip-syncing but I still liked this version.










PeteThen Pete Astudillo came out and sang his tribute song "Como Te Extrano". Pete put a lot of feeling into this performance,












Then Don Francisco gave Selena's mom, Marcela, a red rose, if you weren't crying at this point you have a cold heart cuz it was so touching.

Then Don Francisco and Pati talked about Techno Cumbia and then Cristina came out and talked about how she meet Selena!


olgaThen Olga Tañon sang "La Llamada" I think she had trouble with her mic cuz at the beginning you couldn't hear her. I love Olga, but I didn't like this version of the song, it didn't complement her voice. She should have done bidi bidi bom bom or something else.










GloriaGloria Estefan came out. She sang "I Could Fall In Love". She sang this as if it were her song and that made it sound good. Her vocal range isn't as big as Selena's but she did a great job with this song.











KumbiaThen A.B. & Los Kumbia Kings and they did the remix of "Baila Esta Kumbia". They showed Selena singing it during the 95 astrodome, they just "lip synced" but it was so cool to have Selena be present!










Then Don Francisco talked about how far people came to see the concert. 


alejandraThen Alejandra Guzman performed "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom". She did a popish version of this song, I really didn't like it. Her voice isn't pretty and the music didn't do justice to the song. I think India or Olga would have done a much better job with this song.










Then they talked about breaking the attendance record at the concert and how Selena broke one at the astrodome.

bobbyJayThen Bobby Pulido sang "Ya Vez" and then the band went into "Yo Te Seguie Quierendo" sung by Jay Perez. Bobby's performance was good but Jay has a great voice and made the song sound very special!










barrioThen Soraya and the Barrio Boyzz sang "Dreaming Of You". This came out nice cuz they combined all their voices together and it was like a cool duet. The Barrio Boyzz talked about Selena right before they started to sing, they have thick NY accents, it is funny cuz I have only heard them speak Spanish and they don't have the same accent










gracielaThen Graciela Beltran sang "El Chico Del Apartamento 512". She did a cumbia version of this song, she did a good job, she sounded cute like she was playing around and keep the song light and happy. The music wasn't like Selena's version but it was cute.











 Then they talked about Selena more. 


feyThen Fey and Aleks Syntek performed "Donde Quiere Que Estes". They did a funky pop version of this song. It was really cool, the only sad thing was they lip-synced it. but i still liked this version.










durangoThen El grupo Montéz De Durango sang "Ven Conmigo"











 Then they talked about Selena some more. They showed some videos and a rare home video of Selena talking to the fans!



Then everyone came out and sang "Como La Flor" with Selena from the 95 Astrodome!