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This is from the magazine Estylo, 2000

Selena's death launched a web of rumors, innuendo and just plain lies. Here's the lowdown on some of what was said:



Her relationship with Monterrey, Mexico cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ricardo Martinez, was more than business. False.

Fact: the doctor was strictly an investor in her clothing-manufacturing venture. Dr. Martinez, however, did milk the most he could out of his 15 minutes of fame from all the buzz.


Selena was about to give up her music for the fashion dreams. False.

Fact: The individuals closest to Selena have all confirmed that this is totally untrue. Music was her No. 1 priority, and fashion design and owning a store were secondary, purely business investments.


Selena and Chris' marriage was on the rocks. False.

Fact: Selena had dinner with her mom and sister one night soon before she was killed and enthusiastically announced that as soon as she got back from her L.A. concert the next weekend, she and Chris were starting a family, a fact confirmed by an appointment she had made with her doctor which was to have taken place on the following Tuesday. Everyone in Selena's confidence confirms this was one couple who were very much in love.


Selena's father, Abraham, raped YS, the convicted murderer. False.

Fact: YS was concocting whatever she could to divert attention from the real issue of being caught embezzling money from Selena. When Selena took her to the hospital, the ER staff confirmed that this woman had not been raped as she claimed. Hospital records confirm this.


YS and Selena had a lesbian relationship. (Ohhhh please!) Major Falsehood.

Fact: The person YS hated the most was Selena's father, who was the one who caught her stealing. Consequently, she is giving to saying things that she knows will be the most hurtful to Mr. Q. YS had never been able to prove or corroborate any of her accusations concerning the Q's.


To keep the fans out and away from his daughter, Mr. Q ordered a fence built around Selena's grave. For which he received much bad press. False.

Fact: Seaside Cemetery ordered the fence because of the thousands of fans trampling the grass, stealing stones and bricks, and cutting branches from a nearby tree. As soon as the Q's found out about the fence, they had it removed and in compromise, built a stone walkway on which people can stand at the grave site.

(There is a fence again, because of fans trying to write on the grave and vandalism, some fans are just disrespectful and have damaged the grave to the point that a fence is necessary)


Selena was angry with her dad and was trying to distance herself. False.

Fact: Selena had a great love of family and respect for her father. According to close sources, Selena had a way of sweet-talking her dad into anything, and he always gave in to her.


The Q's purchased a sprawling mansion overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in poshest section of CC, with Selena's money, of course. False.

Fact: the parents purchased a modest home in a quiet suburb of CC, where they could find some seclusion from the constant barrage of fans and curiosity-seekers.