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Selena & Chris' Home



When Selena married Chris in 1992, Selena's father owned the houses on the block, there are 3 of them. He lived in the middle, AB on the left and Selena and Chris eventually on the right. At the time Selena had an apartment that Chris said she used more as a design studio and they lived there until the lease was up and then they moved into the house to the right of Selena's parents. Suzette lived in the same neighborhood close by.

Selena and Chris liked to have BBQ's in their backyard. Selena would also ask kids in the neighborhood to mow her lawn and then take them to lunch. A.B. said he woke one morning to the sounds of what he thought was a lawn mower but it was Selena on a go cart giving kids in the neighborhood rides.


Selena's house had 3 bedrooms, Her and Chris' room and a guest room and they converted the other room into a recording studio. Selena had a fish tank headboard but replaced it after a while because she traveled so much she couldn't keep fish alive. Selena also had her Faberge egg collection and Chris had his guitar collection displayed in the house. In the bathroom there were 2 stickers one that said, Selena & Chris and another that said, Selena Loves Chris.


In 1993 Selena & Chris had bought some property and near the botanical gardens. They were going to move in mid '95 to a 5 bedroom house on a few acres. Selena had already picked out the furniture for the house. The land had a small lake on it. Chris decided to get his deposit back on that house and sold the land after Selena's death, because he said it was a dream he and Selena shared and if she wasn't going to be there with him he didn't want it.