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boutique2Besides Music Selena had a dream of having her own Boutique. This dream came true in January of 1994. She had 2 boutiques, one in Corpus Christy and another in San Antonio. Selena hired designer Martin Gomez to help her out with the designs and to over see production. Selena gave several interviews from her boutiques.



The Selena Etc. store had a full-service salon, as well as Selena memorabilia, jewelry, hats and other accessories.



She was in the process of opening another boutique and manufacturing facility in Monterrey, MX. Suzette said She wanted to have the cloths made there also to bring the prices down. She was also going to have her own perfume and makeup line. She joked several times that the perfume was going to smell like Churrizo and Huevos. After her death there were several perfumes released, Amor Prohibido, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Como La Flor and Siempre Selena. 


The San Antonio boutique was closed 1999. The Corpus Christi boutique closed in July 2009.






Selena had 2 fashion shows in 1994. She wore her hair in 2 different styles for each show.


The one with the curly hairstyle she did in San Antonio and also had a concert after. The Barrio Boyzz also performed at the concert.