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Selena's Funeral



sad2Selena sadly left this world on Friday March 31, 1995. She was 23 at the time. Only days away from her 3rd wedding anniversary and a little more than 2 weeks from her 24th birthday. So many people loved Selena they lined up for about 1 mile to say goodbye for the last time. About 50,000 people passed by her at Bayfront Plaza Convention Center. Surrounding her were 50,000 white long stem roses. In her hands was one red rose. A rumor started that Selena was not really dead and the casket was empty so the family had it opened so people could see she really was gone.


Mr. Q said they dressed Selena in her 1995 TMA outfit because it was her last triumph. It was her favorite outfit at the time. All the people who attended the funeral placed single white long stem roses on her casket, because white roses are her favorite.


She was to have a concert the day after her death, in LA, Ca and they held a mass in her honor. She was laid to rest on April 3, 1995 the day after her 3rd wedding anniversary, Many of her musical peers attended her funeral along with her family and close friends.


Selena now rests peacefully in Seaside Memorial Park. She is visited daily by devoted fans and always has fresh flowers.