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This is from Estylo Magazine, 2000


Selena's death launched a web of rumors, innuendo, and just plain lies.

Here's the lowdown on some of what was said:

Her relationship with Monterrey, Mexico cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ricardo Martinez, was more than business. False.

Fact: the doctor was strictly an investor in her clothing-manufacturing venture. Dr. Martinez, however, did milk the most he could out of his 15 minutes of fame from all the buzz.

Selena was about to give up her music for the fashion dreams. False.

Fact: The individuals closest to Selena have all confirmed that this is totally untrue. Music was her No. 1 priority, and fashion design and owning a store were secondary, purely business investments.

Selena and Chris' marriage was on the rocks. False.

Fact: Selena had dinner with her mom and sister one night soon before she was killed and enthusiastically announced that as soon as she got back from her L.A. concert the next weekend, she and Chris were starting a family, a fact confirmed by an appointment she had made with her doctor which was to have taken place on the following Tuesday. Everyone in Selena's confidence confirms this was one couple who were very much in love.

Selena's father, Abraham, raped YS, the convicted murderer. False.

Fact: YS was concocting whatever she could to divert attention from the real issue of being caught embezzling money from Selena. When Selena took her to the hospital, the ER staff confirmed that this woman had not been raped as she claimed. Hospital records confirm this.

YS and Selena had a lesbian relationship. (Ohhhh please!) Major Falsehood.

Fact: The person YS hated the most was Selena's father, who was the one who caught her stealing. Consequently, she is giving to saying things that she knows will be the most hurtful to Mr. Q. YS had never been able to prove or corroborate any of her accusations concerning the Q's.

To keep the fans out and away from his daughter, Mr. Q ordered a fence built around Selena's grave. For which he received much bad press. False.

Fact: Seaside Cemetery ordered the fence because of the thousands of fans trampling the grass, stealing stones and bricks, and cutting branches from a nearby tree. As soon as the Q's found out about the fence, they had it removed and in compromise, built a stone walkway on which people can stand at the gravesite.

Selena was angry with her dad and was trying to distance herself. False.

Fact: Selena had a great love of family and respect for her father. According to close sources, Selena had a way of sweet-talking her dad into anything, and he always gave in to her.

The Q's purchased a sprawling mansion overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in the poshest section of CC, with Selena's money, of course. False.

Fact: the parents purchased a modest home in a quiet suburb of CC, where they could find some seclusion from the constant barrage of fans and curiosity-seekers.



Rumors started by her killer and Maria Celeste who wrote a book about her time covering the trial called Selena's Secret, Also rumors covered during VH1's Special, Selena: Behind The Music. The people starting and spreading these rumors have something to gain by it, the doctor and his bodyguard were probably paid for their interviews and got a small amount of fame in Mexico on TV and through newspapers. For those unfamiliar with Cristina Castrellon she worked for a promotor in Mexico, Oscar Flores, there are photos of both Oscar and Cristina with Selena. Cristina accompanied Selena to all her performances in Mexico from 1992 to 1995. She was kind of a personal assistant to Selena making sure she went to press conferences and photoshoots as well as being there while she was at concerts and took photos of her, you can see her during the 1993 Monterrey concert (hair up and black beaded tank) in the background taking photos. Selena asked Cristina to be her personal manager and Cristina was going to move to CC in 1995.


Lie: Selena was having an affair with Dr. Martinez & she was planning on running away to Brazil with him

Facts: Selena told not only her mother and sister the day before her death that she was ready to start a family with Chris but she also told Cristina Castrellon who wrote the book Selena: Su Vida después de la Muerte at the 1995 TMA's. She also had an appointment with her doctor scheduled for a  few days after her death to have her Norplant birth control removed from her arm. So why would she do that if she was planning on running away with the doctor or having an affair? She might have been nieve about YS being able to hurt her but she wasn't stupid. She wasn't planning on running away either. YS had a suitcase with her clothes because the airline lost it and YS picked it up for Selena. One of Selena's biggest dreams was to record an English language album, she was working on it and was scheduled to be in the studio the day she was murdered. She was going to be late because her friend called saying she had been raped so she went to be with a friend instead of going to the studio. She was also in the process of building a house, she even talked about it on TV.


Lie: Selena had an abortion & made a sex tape, YS had them in a safety deposit box in Mexico

Facts: VH1 accompanied YS's attorney to several banks and there was no account under her name or any of her families names. Her attorney quit after she sent him on a wild goose chase looking for this supposed evidence that would help her case. Also, she had birth control implanted in her arm so it's doubtful she got pregnant.


Lie: Selena's father was abusive

Facts: Selena spoke about working with her family all the time. She said they would fight like any normal family but at the end of the day, they all loved each other and had the same goal. Selena was an adult if she didn't want her father around she would have fired him and hired another manager. She was a successful singer and could have gone to her record label and asked for another manager at any time but she didn't because they got along well. She also asked Cristina Castrellon to be her personal manager because she needed more help and her dad was getting tired of touring but she wanted her dad to still be in charge of scheduling her tours but she needed help on a more personal level. She loved her family and wanted them to be with her.


Lie: Selena's father refused a life-saving blood transfusion

Facts: Selena was shot in the back from about 3ft, the bullet hit an artery that leads to the heart destroying it. The doctor said that they tried to give her a transfusion but because she had lost so much blood already her veins were collapsed. The EMT's tried to put in a needle to give her fluids while rushing to the hospital but her veins had collapsed already due to blood loss. The doctor also stated that even if he was standing next to her when she was shot he wouldn't have been able to save her. She was brain dead on arrival due to blood loss but the doctors tried to save her anyway, the cracked her chest open and massaged her heart, they did get it restarted but only for a few seconds, she had lost so much blood already and the artier was severed that the blood was just pumping out of her and there was nothing they could do to save her. When the doctor told Mr. Q that they tried to give her a blood transfusion in an effort to save her, Mr. Q said that she wouldn't have wanted one. The doctor said even if Mr. Q had arrived with Selena at the hospital that he wouldn't have been able to say what medical procedures would have been performed, only Selena could do that since she was an adult or her husband if she was unable to speak for herself but she was already gone before they arrived. Mr. Q said that a reporter overheard their conversation and misinterpreted it and claimed that Mr. Q told the doctors not to give her a blood transfusion and that's why she died. Mr. Q also said in the same interview that he and the whole family had discussed what they wanted if they should be in an accident and Selena didn't want a blood transfusion because of religious reasons. They also had a plan if something happened to any of them (in the band) except Selena, they never thought something like that would happen to her.


Lie: There was someone else in the room, someone else shot Selena

Facts: The prosecutor in the trial said that YS was standing 2-3 feet behind Selena when she shot her in the back. No one else was seen leaving the room. Hotel employees saw only Selena and YS either coming or going from the room. They said that they heard 2 women arguing and heard a shot. Then saw Selena running from the room followed by YS who was holding the gun pointed at Selena. YS went back into the room and covered the gun in a towel and got into her truck and tried to leave the parking lot. A police officer was able to stop her from leaving. The hotel staff didn't see anyone else leave the room. Selena also named YS as the shooter with her dying breath.


Selena's mother Marcella is of Cherokee ancestry

Fact: Selena's mother was born on a reservation in Washington State but she is not Cherokee, her parents are from Mexico. Mr. Q said that Selena was being interviewed in Mexico and said that her mom was born on a Cherokee reservation but the press misunderstood her and ran with her mom being part Cherokee but she is 100% Mexican.

Some other facts that support Selena's good image and discredit the rumors. The doctor and his bodyguard only knew Selena for 6 months before her death, they spoke about her as if they knew her since she was a little girl. She was busy touring all the time so how would she have time to tell them her life story and tell them how she was being abused and neglected? Chris said in his book that they hit a rough patch where they were contemplating divorce. She was extremely caring and made everyone feel like she was their best friend so she probably confided in the doctor when they hit the rough patch and he took it as if she had more than friendship and business feelings for him.


The doctor was a business contact who was helping Selena with franchising her boutique in Mexico. I personally think that the doctor thought they had a special connection because men are like that, some don't know the difference between flirting and politeness. Jennifer Pena's father, also a doctor, was an investor in Selena's boutiques as well. 


Selena wasn't perfect but she was a good person and strived to be the best she could be. No matter how nice you are to people there are always some people who let their jealousy get the best of them and have to bring good people down. Unfortunately, Selena has 4 of them who continue to get a lot of publicity and use her for their own fame and fortune.