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selena museum




The Selena Museum is the only official museum to honor the life and legacy of Selena, one of the most celebrated Mexican-American artists and entertainers in history and often named the "Queen of Tejano Music." The museum was established by the Quintanilla family in 1998 in response to fans expressing their desire to have Selena's memorabilia shared with the public. It is currently housed in the main building of their company Q productions. The Quintanilla family offers the museum as a memorial to the achievements and life of their beloved daughter & sister.


Located in Selena's hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, the museum has become one of the top tourist attractions in South Texas and attracts visitors from throughout the country and around the globe. The museum gives fans and visitors a rich and unique glimpse into the life of the Tejano icon, including her most prized possessions, iconic stage outfits, awards, photos, fan art, and other memorabilia.


The Selena museum changes about once a year, they will change out different costumes, along with her many costumes, there are pictures, awards she's won, her Faberge egg collection and her car. There are also posters and drawings Selena made of some of her costumes. There is also the microphone she used in 94 & 95. You can still see her lipstick on it. There is also a section of fan art!


Some of the costumes that are permanently there are the 1995 Astrodome jumpsuit, 1994 Amor Prohibido Cover outfit, 1994 Grammy Awards dress, 1994 Johnny Canales show Flamenco inspired outfit, both the dresses she wore to the 1994 Furia Musical Awards and the 1994 Astrodome outfit.


Mr. Q is often there and gives tours to lucky fans! I was lucky enough to meet him, Suzette, Ricky Vela & Red (sound engineer for Selena).


Mr. Q showed me around the museum and studio. He showed me where they film concerts for artists such as Jennifer Pena, Sesi, Isabel Marie, Las Fenix & More. He showed me a sneak peek at a concert from the '80s. It was amazing. I feel so lucky. A tip for those visiting, be nice, don't cry and act like Selena died yesterday. It is overwhelming to go to the museum but it's a place to celebrate her, not mourn her. Ask to take pictures of or with her family. You're not a paparazzi so if you ask they will take pictures. They don't mind if you take pictures of the items but please turn your flash off, the light damages the items over time.


 Photos from the museum as well as photos of Selena items in other museums