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Selena is a 1997 American biographical musical drama film about the life and career of Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, a recording artist well known in the Latino communities in the United States and Mexico before she was murdered by her Fanclub president, at the age of 23. 

Directed by the acclaimed Gregory Nava, Selena stars Jennifer Lopez and Edward James Olmos.


The movie shows Selena's father's beginnings as a singer himself and how he discovered her talent as a singer as well. The timeline and some events weren't exactly the same as Selenas. They combined events for the film and used her more popular songs rather than songs that went with the timeline of her real life. The same thing happened with her costumes, they used ones that Jennifer felt comfortable in and looked best on film. The end of the movie was left intentionally vague for the sake of the family. It's a sad but true end and the family wanted to end the movie on a high note but the director convinced them that her death had to be shown. Jennifer Lopez made movie history by being the first Latina actress to be paid $1,000,000,000 (1 million) dollars for her part.

Selena was released on March 21, 1997, in the United States to positive reviews from critics and audiences.


  • Jennifer Lopez as Selena
  • Rebecca Lee Meza as Young Selena
  • Edward James Olmos as Abraham Quintanilla Jr.
  • Panchito Gómez as Young Abraham
  • Constance Marie as Marcela Quintanilla
  • Jon Seda as Chris Pérez
  • Lupe Ontiveros as Yolanda Saldívar
  • Jackie Guerra as Suzette Quintanilla
  • Victoria Elena Flores as Young Suzette
  • Jacob Vargas as A.B. Quintanilla
  • Rafael Tamayo as Young A.B.
  • Alexandra Meneses as Sarah
  • Ruben Gonzalez as Joe Ojeda
  • Seidy López as Debra
  • Pete Astudillo as himself, Dinos 1990s
  • Ricky Vela as himself, Dinos 1990s
  • Don Shelton as himself, Dinos 1990s


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On March 11, EMI Latin released the soundtrack album to Selena, the highly-anticipated Warner Bros. feature film about the slain Tejano superstar, it was announced by Jose Behar, president, and CEO of the label.


The soundtrack, comprised of materials recorded between 1990-1995, featured original cuts by Selena, including several that had never been previously released. The songs include the ballads Where Did the Feeling Go?, Only Love and Is It The Beat? In addition, two live disco medleys of I Will Survive / Funkytown and Last Dance / The Hustle / On The Radio are also part of the soundtrack. Both medleys were recorded during Selena's March 1995 concert at the Houston Astrodome, which took place one month prior to her death. A Boy Like That hadn't been released on a Selena album, only on the album "Songs from the westside story" which wasn't known to most Selena fans in 1995 when it was released. 


Track Listing:


  • Disco Medley Part 1
  • Where Did The Feeling Go?
  • Disco Medley Part 2
  • Is It The Beat?
  • Only Love
  • Oldies Medley
  • Dreaming of You
  • A Boy Like That
  • I Could Fall In Love
  • Cumbia Medley (Como La Flor, La Carcacha, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Baila Esta Cumbia)
  • Vivirás Selena
  • One More Time


Singles for the album were also released, The Disco Medely was a 3 track single. Where did the feeling Go? was a 1 song single. Is it the Beat was a 6 track single including 3 English versions and 3 Spanish versions, the Spanish versions are Enamorada De Ti.