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selenaSelena Quintanilla-Perez
Lead Vocalist, Costume Designer & Songwriter

Selena opened 2 of her own boutiques in 1994. She also wrote the occasional song. Selena started singing at 4, at 6 she recorded her first song in a studio. At 8 Los Dinos was formed and at 10 they started touring for a living.





Suzette Quintanilla-Arriaga
Drummer, In charge of merchandising

Suzette became the drummer after their cousin went home to Washington. She now works behind the scenes at Q-Productions as CEO and the face of Selena's legacy. She married in 1993 and had her first child a few years after Selena's death. I met Suzette at the museum, she's very nice and asks a lot of questions, genuinely interested where you're from.




A.B. Quintanilla III
Bass Guitar, Backup Singer, Songwriter & Producer

A.B. was learning the Bass guitar when the band was formed. He became the producer and songwriter in the mid-'80s. He wrote the music and or lyrics to most of the band's songs. Now he is a successful writer/producer and has his own very successful band A.B. Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings. After the Kumbia Kings ran into trouble AB started a new group called Kumbia All-Stars. He not only wrote and produced for Selena but he has also done the same for other artists.




Ricky Vela
Keyboard & Songwriter

Besides Selena and her siblings, Ricky spent the most time with Los Dinos. Ricky wrote the lyrics of some of Selena's songs including; Tu No Sabes, Sabes, Cuando Despierto, Como Te Quiero, Tengo Ganas De Llorar, Baila Esta Cumbia, Si La Quieres, Las Cadenas, Que Creias, No Debes Jugar and the Duet; Tu Robaste Mi Corazon, Ya No, Tus Desprecios, El Chico Del Apartamento 512 and No Me Queda Mas, He now works behind the scenes at Q-productions. I also met Ricky at the museum. He's very quiet and humble but nice.


Joe Ojeda

Joe and Pete were a band together when Los Dinos saw them and asked them to join. Joe now plays in the Chris Perez Band and with Pete's band.




Chris Perez

Chris joined the band in late 1989 and left and rejoined again in 1990. He & Selena married in 1992. He is now in his own band the Chris Perez Project, Now he plays with A.B. and is starting up the Chris Perez band again. He remarried and had 2 children but divorced. He is engaged to singer Melissa Jimenez. He became a best selling author when he wrote a book about his life with Selena, To Selena with Love.



Don Shelton
Back up Vocals

In 1990 Don was a backup dancer in Selena's TMA performance. He later became one of her back up, singers. It is rumored that he was the manager of a restaurant. On December 2, 2014, Don passed away after a battle with cancer.



Fredy Correa
Back up Vocals
Formerly of the Barrio Boyzz

Fredy was originally part of the Barrio Boyzz who recorded a Duo with Selena in 1993. Selena would let him sing solo's during concerts, He was supposed to start his solo career like Pete.  He was a TV show host for a while for Puro Tejano. He is now a personal trainer. The Barrio Boyzz are supposed to be getting back together in 2019 but there aren't too many details yet.



Arturo Meza

When the band expanded in late 1993/ early 1994 they added a Conga player. He's on Facebook and is pretty friendly.







Pete Astudillo
Back-Up Singer

Pete recorded duets with Selena and in late 1993 he left the group to be a solo singer. But he worked with the Dinos on the Amor Prohibido album. He wrote lyrics for a lot of songs including Selena's Bidi Bidi Bom Bom and Ámeme. He still writes and produces for many Tejano artists like Sesi. He is still performing and recording as well, his new group is Pete Astudillo and Tekno Mex.





1990's Dinos

Mike Orozco

He left the group after getting married but occasionally would sub for Chris when he wasn't available.









1980's Dinos


Roger Garcia


In 1993 he subbed for Chris on a TV show where they performed Amame. 




Rodney Pyeatt: Guitar
Rena Dearmn: Keyboard

Rodney and Rena were part of the group in the early years. They eventually married and left the group.


There were other guitarists during the 80's but they are unknown right now.