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There are lots of people who pay tribute to Selena by dressing up as her. Not all look like her but they still do a great job on the costumes and bring a little bit of Selena to a special event! Here are some that have higher profiles on the internet. I've met some of these impersonators, the effort they put into their shows is totally worth seeing them if you can! If you're an impersonator and would like to have your info here please let me know!

Also, feel free to join my facebook group for impersonators, I like to post Selena or Selena inspired items as well so you can create your own Selena look.

Monica1Monica Peralta

Monica no only lipsyncs to Selena's music she also has an amazing youtube channel where she shows you how she recreates Selena's most famous bustiers! She is also friends with a few other impersonators and they will join her in her videos as well. I've met her in person and she is really nice. I was so glad I got to see her perform, she's very petite, she looks bigger on camera haha but she really does put a lot of detail in her costumes.

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Ilana1Ilana Palomo

I also had the pleasure of meeting Ilana at the same time as Monica. She performed with my friend Javier at the Selena fan gathering in LA a few years ago. Ilana is also someone who takes pride in recreating Selena's costumes and looks as close as possible. She's always posting videos of the costumes she's recreated and they are incredible.  

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Gypsy1Gypsy Rose

Gypsy is one impersonator I haven't gotten to meet yet that I hope to one day! He takes pride in recreating her styles like the others and will study photos to get the placement of rhinestones to a T. I enjoy following him on FB and Instagram to see what new creation he's done.

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Jocelyn1Jocelyn Gonzalez

She's someone who's photos fool you on occasion, her costumes and accessories are exact duplicates of Selenas and the photoshoots she's done sometimes you see her pics and think it's a rare Selena pic. She's probably got the most diverse collection of Selena costumes out there.

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AmandaAmanda Solis

 The controversial Amanda does do a lot of Selena style outfits rather than exact replicas. She is one of the few impersonators that sings live, I put her in this list rather than the band list because she doesn't have her own band for performances she sings karaoke style. 

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MiTributoEllie Cossio

From Mexico, Ellie recreates Selena's looks as well as utilizing costumes that are Selena's style. She has some exact replicas and some really nice outfits that are similar to Selenas. She is another person who sings live but she posts her Selena style images on social media often.

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JoleeJolee Mini Selena

The youngest of the bunch, this adorable little Selena impersonator has an ever growing collection of Selena costumes! 

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HoneyHoney Andrews

Honey performs in Texas but doesn't have a lot of social media but is one of the most famous Selena impersonators out there. There are videos and she's been written about in several publications. You can google her and you'll find the latest.