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Selena was nominated in 1994 for her first Grammy for her album "Selena Live" which was recorded in February of 1993. She was nominated in the Best Mexican Album category. She beat out such artist as Vicente Fernandez and Los Tigres Del Norte. Selena was also the first Tejano artist to win a Grammy! In 1995 Selena returned to the Grammy's because she was nominated again in the same category for "Amor Prohibido", but Vicky Carr won.

Grammy Winner ~ Selena, Artist
Genre ~ Latin Grammy
Category ~ Best Mexican American Album
Year ~ 1993 ~ 36th Annual Grammy Awards
Title of the Work ~ Live (Album)
Artist Performing Work ~ Selena

Dress: Lillie Rubin

And the Grammy goes to... Selena :

"Um, I would like to thank the company EMI Latin, Jose Behar, uh, for making tonight possible and having faith in us, putting faith in us four years ago. I would also like to thank my band Los Dinos, my father Abraham Quintanilla, my brother who's the producer of my music, and my sister, thank you for all the support, and I would like to thank the EMI Latin Family thank you for having faith in me, I love you."


Her account of what happened;

"We got up and screamed. It was the pre-telecasted part of the awards and there was maybe like 10 of us sitting in one row towards the back of the place, we showed up kina late. Like always, I'm always late for everything and they announced me as the winner and I was like 'Oh My God'. We all stood up and we screamed and I was wearing this crystal beaded gown and I remember going down, cause its kinda a slant, and thinking 'gee Selena if you fall, you are gonna be so embarrassed don't fall 'cause it had this fishtail in the back of it and I was trying to be cool walking up there, but it was great and thinking back now its an experience I'll never forget." "So you can imagine how I felt when they called my name. I cried in the back it was such a great feeling."

What happened after? Did Selena let fame go to her head? This is what Selena said to the staff at EMI and one big reason people love her still.


"If you guys think this is gonna change Selena...you are wrong. I am and will always be the same Selena...no matter how much success we have!" "I just wanted each one of you to know that I really appreciate everything each one of you did to help me win the Grammy. I just wanted to come and say THANK YOU!!!"