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Selena Stories



91521222 10219154961096401 3687849105792434176 o6170D67A F5B3 EA2E 75BA 1197638717B9Manuel Loredo Jr shared this story of this picture of Selena

So it’s 1991 and a few of my friends are making plans to go to Acapulco, Mexico of May that year. Unfortunately, I could not afford to go at that time so I declined the invitation, So weeks prior to the Acapulco vacation I get a phone call and it’s Suzette and Selena in 3 way calling me to tell me as a gift to me, they are paying my way to go to Acapulco with everyone. Imagine that. What a display of generosity towards a friend. Till this day, I can once say again thank you! So on one of the days there Selena and I are hanging out in one of Acapulco shopping areas and not to sound like a jerk but it turns into one shop after another. So after a while of what it feels like to me being bored at some shop Selena finds and tries on a black spaghetti shoulder strapped dress. Well it’s expensive and she’s contemplating buying it, she asks me “what do you think? Should I buy it? And because I wanted out of there already, I answered with “You should but it, if not, you know you're going to come back to buy it anyways.” Yessss!! She buys it and now we can leave to join the others. (I had so much fun on that vacation and there are many more stories! Oh man what I would give to have that time back with her, in my defense she could shop forever lol) FUN FACT: later in that summer of 1991, she wore that black dress on the “Buenos Amigos” music video she filmed with Alvaro Torres.



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