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I'm Mariposa. I have been a Selena fan for a long time. I saw her Amor Prohibido video in late 94. I didn't know who she was, I wanted to know who the woman in the video was but I wouldn't know until the day she died. After her death, it was really hard for me to listen to her music. After I saw the movie I decided that she was too special to ignore. I'm from California. I learned how to speak Spanish in High School. I studied French first but because there are so many people in my area that speak Spanish and also because where I worked at the time I decided to study Spanish instead. After graduating high school I worked full time and went to school part-time. Then I got laid off. I took advantage of the fact that the state paid unemployment for 1 year while I finished school. Around the time I was earning my AA degree, the members of Selenachat encouraged me to study Graphic Design. So now I have a Bachelors in Graphic Design! Selena inspired me to do graphics and her fans persuaded me to go to school to become a professional! Selena may not be on earth anymore but she is still inspiring people and touching our lives. She is our Tejano Angel, she set an example in her own life and now seems to be guiding us on the right paths in life! I will always be a Selena fan, she will always stay a cool and hip woman.

Anything For Selena's is the latest site I've built dedicated to Selena! I started out with an MSN.com group where I added Selena photos, back in 2000. The internet was still fairly new and I had access to a computer finally so I saved all the images I could. People started asking to join the group. That was never the point of the group I was like, sure you can join to see the pics. Then I got my own computer and started making graphics. I decided to make a website because I had been collecting photos, magazines, and posters and wanted to share what I had with the rest of the world. Selena fans had very little online back then, there were a few sites like mine who shared as much as we could. Tejano Reina was the first real website I created using templates from the hosting server. After finishing school I knew enough to build my own site. Unfortunately, the internet has changed so much that my original handwritten site isn't compatible with the platforms people use to view the internet (cellphones and tablets) so it's obsolete. Instead of building a mobile-friendly site over Tejano Reina, I decided to create another site so I can leave the old one up in case I broke the new one (which has happened a lot haha). I hope you all enjoy this site and learn something you didn't know before!

Due to junk mail I won't include an email address, you can find me on facebook