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In 2015 Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Chris, A.B., Suzette & Ricky. Singing a medley of Selena’s hits. She started out singing Como La Flor, slowly like Selena then ripped off her skirt and started singing into Bidi Bidi Bomb Bomb. She then sang Amor Prohibido and had the crowd participate. Then a ruffle skirt was added and she sang I could Fall In Love. Then they added ruffle sleeves and she sang No Me Queda Mas. Jennifer doesn't have the strongest vocals but this tribute out a lot of hard work into it and was amazing.


Unfortunately, the official video is no longer available on youtube but here are some crowd videos.


Video 1

Video 2


Here is a video of Suzette, A.B. & Chris talking about Selena after.

Here is a video of Jlo after.