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From Furia Magazine

(This was originally in Spanish, I tried to translate accurately.)




What is your complete name?

Selena Quintanilla-Perez

When & Where were you born?

April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, TX


What is your civil state?



How many people are in your immediate family?

There are 5 of us. My parents, my sister Suzette, Abe and I


What do you weight and how tall are you?

5' 5" 3/4, 120 lbs


What color is your hair and your eyes?

Dark brown eyes and black hair


Do you consider you're self-pretty?

I feel natural, but pretty no.


Are you liberal or conservative?



What phrase do you apply to your life?

Always forward


What place does money have in your life?

It's a way of life


What scared you as a child?

That no one would love me


When you were little did your parents hit you?

Better, they disciplined me


Do you have a physical defect?

Yes, my legs


Do you regret anything?

No, I learned from my mistakes


Should there be shame in dying?

An eye for an eye


What was the worst prank you did as a child?

Chew gum and stick it in the hair of others.


What was the worst punishment you received as a child?

I got a spanking for climbing a tree without permission


Do you eat a lot?

Yes, a lot!


Did you ever have an embarrassing moment?

I fell on the stairs and I was wearing a skirt and you could see my undies


When you get mad do you swear?

When I'm really mad, yes


Do you have a nickname?


How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

I don't smoke


What was the highest grade you completed?

High School, with very good grades!


Do you have problems keeping in shape?

Yes, because I'm a big eater


Are there navigates to the fact that you are becoming well-known?

It fascinates me to be popular


And your aspiration in life?

To reinforce my singing career and to be an actress


What are your hobbies?

To design clothes


Is there anything that bothers you?

A strange dream


What is your greatest pleasure?

The privilege to wake up every morning


What is impossible for you?

Nothing, anything is possible in life


What displeases you about a man?

When they are conceited


Would you have a child out of wedlock?

No, Never!



Here is more information about the Queen of Tejano:

What does the Queen of Tejano think about...?

Nickname: "Buffy"
Dislike: "my legs"
Personality: "I don't like to get mad"
Music: "I like everything"
Your Man: "That he isn't conceited"
What you don't like in a Man: "they don't spend time with someone"

Your Career: "There is a lot of Envy"
Fame: "Everything"
Vacations: "Miami"
Vice: "Eating"
Favorite Plate: "Double Pepperoni Pizza"
Impossible Love: "Andy Garcia"
Past time: "To play poker"
God: "Peace & Love"
A Furry: "to lose an opportunity"
A Nickname: "Honey"
A proposition: " An admirer wanted to give me an entire ranch!"